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Penia Photo Studio, headquartered in London, is a photographic agency and collaborative hub specialising in fashion, e-commerce, corporate, and product photography. Our work is a testament to our close collaboration with models, makeup artists, hair stylists, and other
Founded by the visionary Antonia Penia, our agency aims to enhance online sales by creating compelling images that respect and highlight your brand identity. Our professional journey spans the realms of fashion, design, and business, where each campaign is a fusion of our creativity and yours, with the ultimate objective of crafting visually stunning content that resonates across the digital landscape.
Penia Studio is known for being fast, reliable, and trustworthy. We forge partnerships with clients spanning diverse industries, from fashion to products and beyond. We approach each project as a unique endeavour, investing care and craftsmanship from the initial brainstorming and sketches to deliver distinctive outcomes every time.
Whether our client is a solo entrepreneur or an established business, we dedicate the same effort and loyalty to each project, consistently aiming to create something extraordinary. We have strived to make our studio a welcoming and homely space, ensuring you feel comfortable as soon as you step in.
Over the years, Penia Studio has collaborated with numerous clients in London and internationally, including prominent names such as Aspinal London, Amanda Wakeley, Josephine Scott, Edeline Lee, Beulah, Mayfair London, Ginnie Chadwyck, John Charles, Ellis Bridal, Kelsey Rose, Harry Brown, Dewhirst, Iria de Ana, Hifas da Terra, Santander Bank, Charbonnel Et Walker, The Royal National Ballet, Forsters LLP, Collyer Bristow, Tanfield & Chambers, Shearman Sterling, Charles River Associates, 23ES Chambers, Levenes Solicitors, Philip Ross, Hw Fisher, 1 Chancery Lane, Colman & Coyle Solicitors, Hamlins, Byfield Consultancy, Santander Bank, I-D-S Diplomatic Duty-Free, H10 Waterloo, National Museum Del Prado, and RealityHouse Agency. Our track record includes creating professional visual content that significantly boosts engagement, web traffic, and sales revenue.
With expertise in commercial, product, fashion, and still-life photography in London, we ensure smooth and efficient project execution. Our company ethos revolves around meticulous planning tailored to our client's objectives and vision, moving beyond mere reliance on a camera.
Our photography service prices are structured as follows:
Studio + In-house Photographer
Half Day: starting from £450
Full Day: starting from £800

Antonia Penia Photographer (extra studio)
Half Day: starting from £650
Full Day: starting from £1200

These rates apply to Fashion, Still Life, and e-commerce shoots, with additional charges for Makeup, Styling, or Retouching services. Prices are indicative and subject to variation based on job complexity. Please note that these rates are specific to Penia Studio shoots, and we welcome inquiries for customised quotes.
Our in-house photographer crafted all the images on our website under Antonia Penia's direction. Feel free to reach out for quotes from Antonia, the main photographer.
Refer to the Studio Hire page for Studio Hire prices, including set up and wrap times, to avoid overtime charges. If paper backgrounds are soiled, a £15/metre charge will apply
, and Colorama stock is guaranteed for White, Grey, and Black.

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