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Portrait Of Britain 2022, Winner.

I am a London-based photographer and creative director
from Galicia, Spain. My work spans the worlds of fashion, beauty, e-commerce, fine art and contemporary photography.
I have shot and directed for London fashion houses: Amanda Wakeley, Edeline Lee, Beulah, Mayfair London, Ginnie Chadwyck, John Charles, Ellis Bridal, Kelsey Rose, Harry Brown, Dewhirst, Iria de Ana, Hifas da Terra. I was chief photographer and artistic director on national advertising campaigns, including Santander, Charbonnel Et Walker, The Royal National Ballet, and many more.
Financial and legal clients include:
Forsters LLP, Collyer Bristow, Tanfield & Chambers, Shearman Sterling, Charles River Associates, 23ES Chambers, Levenes Solicitors, Philip Ross. Hw Fisher, 1 Chancery Lane, Colman & Coyle Solicitors, Hamlins, Byfield Consultancy, Santander Bank, I-D-S Diplomatic Duty FrDuty-Free H10 Waterloo, National Museum Del Prado, and RealityHouse Agency etc. My work has been published in PhotoVogue Italia, GQ, Iconic, Maxim, Playboy and Nakid Magazine, among others.
My personal work has explored themes including mental health, identity, sensuality, censorship and our connection to the natural world, as well as the importance of its conservation.
Since 2015, I have taught photography at Instituto Español Vicente Cañada Blanch in London.
Antonia has two MA's in Arts. UAL, 2023, London. EFTI, 2003, Madrid.


Unit 58, 3-5 Shelford Place
London N16 9HS
United Kingdom

Mobile phone: 00447570897252

E-Mail [email protected]

2022-2023 Master of Arts - Fashion Photography - Distinction. London College of Fashion. UAL.
2002-2003 MA Photography. EFTI. Madrid.
2000-2002 HNC Photography & Film. EISV. Galicia. Spain.

Portrait of Britain | 2022 WINNER
Photo España, Art-Madrid | 2015 SHORTLISTED
Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Art-Madrid | 2008 WINNER YOUNG CREATOR OF THE YEAR

2022 Liberation. Solo Performance, Bermondsey Project Space, London, UK.
2021 Sex is the Earth. Group show at Women Exposed online.
2018 Know Your Roots. Group Show, Museum of London. Heritage Lottery Fund, Uk.
2014 Symbiosis of Liquid Dreams. Group show, Resistance Gallery- London, UK.
2013 Around Me Group Show. September 2013, EFTI Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
2009 Leave me Alone. Fernando Magdalena Art Gallery, Vigo, Spain.
2009 Symbiosis of Liquid Dreams. Group show. "Re-Género" exhibition, Cultural Center of Spain, Lima, Peru.
2008 Symbiosis of Liquid Dreams. DEARTE Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (Young Artist Prize Winner).
2006 Leave Me Alone, solo exhibition, Dolores de Sierra Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
2006 Leave Me Alone, solo exhibition, Irina Maldonado Art Gallery, Toledo, Spain.
2006 Leave Me Alone solo exhibition, Art Gallery, Olías del Rey, Spain.
2005 Leave Me Alone. TIAF, Toronto, Canada.
2004 Leave Me Alone. Group show. Acer-Arte Art Gallery, Oviedo, Spain.
2003 Leave Me Alone. Group show. May-July 2003, PHotoEspaña 2003, Madrid, Spain.
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